About Aon Dental Solutions

Aon Dental Solutions is a national dental discount network that helps consumers across the country reduce their dental care expenses.

Our network includes over 50,000 participating providers nationwide. Our negotiated fee schedules with these dental providers allow members to access deep discounts on dental care.

Savings typically range from 15% to 50% or an average of 34% below the dental providers’ usual and customary charges.*

All Aon Dental Solutions dentists are required to be credentialed before being admitted into the network and are re-credentialed every two years to maintain this level of quality.

Aon Dental Solutions is owned by Aon Benefit Solutions, Inc., a national developer and distributor of healthcare programs for both insured and uninsured individuals and families. Find out more about Aon Benefit Solutions at: www.AonBenefitSolutions.com

How This Network Can Save You Money

The Aon Dental Solutions is a discount or "reduced-fee" dental network. Our network is included in numerous programs designed for health conscious consumers looking to maintain their oral health and reduce their dental care expenses.

General dentists who participate in the Aon Dental Solutions have agreed to accept a discounted fee as payment in full for each service performed. These discounted fees are generally 15% to 50% less than what a dentist would normally charge.* (North Carolina General Dentists and Specialists offer a 20% discount off their usual and customary fees.)

A sample table of Aon Dental Solutions discounted fees can be found in the “Network Savings” section of this website.

*The savings range and average are for illustrative purposes only and are not a guarantee. Dental savings are based on Aon Dental Solutions’s 200 Series Dental Fee Schedule for participating general dentists (fees vary by region) compared to the 2015 National Dental Advisory Service National Average (Average savings 32%). Aon Dental Solutions’s participating specialty dentists provide a discount of 20% off their normal retail charges (15% for MN specialty dentists). Actual savings for any individual will vary by location and provider.

Save On Your Dental Care!

Our network of over 50,000 participating providers is included in a number of medical discount programs and other membership programs that provide healthcare savings for consumers.

If you are a dental provider and would like to find out more about joining our network, please contact us today!